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I have recently had the pleasure to work with hypnotherapist, Katherine Foxworthy at Foxworthy Hypnosis.  After the recession of 2007 and going through bankruptcy, Katherine has helped me to identify and work on changing my poverty thinking and shifting to a more abundant mind-set.


Through hypnosis, Katherine has helped me to go beyond my recent financial troubles to recall childhood memories and the lessons that my childhood experiences taught me about money, wealth and my own self worth. 


​Working with Katherine, I realized that many of my childhood beliefs about money, wealth and self worth were false beliefs that I needed to replace if I wanted to go beyond the limitations of those beliefs.  Katherine has helped with this as well.​​  Through the process of hypnosis, Katherine helped identify and instill into my mind a set of new beliefs, more in alignment with what I consciously know to be true--that I am worthy and deserving and that there is more than enough money and opportunities for me to realize my dreams. 

​Katherine and I worked together using Skype.  It is amazing to me how simple and yet effective Skype was as a means of communication.   I felt like Katherine was just sitting next to me in my home helping me to grow and expand my awareness and my potential. 

I would highly recommend Katherine to anyone looking to transform their thinking and change their lives through hypnosis.  She is very knowledgeable and skilled at what she does.  -  LQ 

Laureen Quick

Business Coach & Consultant

The Transformational Journey

January 10, 2015

I have been working with Katherine Foxworthy of Foxworthy Hypnosis on an issue I have with public speaking.  It's always been a huge fear factor for me.  

With Katherine's soothing voice, she brings me to such an incredibly relaxed state of being.  She's guided me through my fears and has given me tools to overcome them.  Instead of clinging to my own false perceptions, she's instilled in me the reality of what I can and what I am currently achieving.  Success!!  

She's nothing short of amazing!  

Thank you, Katherine, you've been a blessing in my life.  - SS

Stephanie Shaffer 

Marketing Representative

Making A Healthy Living

January 22, 2015